4.0- Plenty of Fish in the Sea

I have returned after a long absence which gave you all some time to vote.

Hopefully you’re happy with the results!
I feel bad for Damien and Dante, but Congratulations to Dalyra for winning heirship.

But more importantly, congratulations to Samali for her new kitty Socks.

Seriously, Dalyra never wanted heirship.
Dalyra: What am I supposed to do now? I never thought playing music would work!

Cole reassures her with a hug.
Cole: It’s okay my dear Potato. Just follow your heart.

The siblings aren’t being kicked out until graduation. That means they stay safe from inevitable incest until then.
Daenerys: Omg Otis, NO, I will not date you.

Duncan politely encourages his sister into her way.
Duncan: Don’t worry, I’ll make sure you eat all your vegetables.

As usual, Dalyra is full of sweet words.
Dalyra: How will you know since I’m kicking you out of here soon? You’ll look through my garbage?

Before they all knew it, it was time for graduation, and Dalyra was impatient to get on with it.
Dalyra: Come on already, I have other fish to annoy.

And so the quadruplets were given a diploma.
Daryl also managed to morph himself into Dalyra.

After convincing him to stop using his alien powers, they were all back home.
Dalyra registered herself as a self-employed Fisherwoman.

The pond on the front lawn finally has a use.
Dalyra: Come here, fishy fishy…

She caught her first goldfish.
The first of many many fishies before being able to get perfect ones.

Before the siblings move out, Dalyra had to say a few special goodbyes.
Dalyra: You, you’re not even human, and you’re stupid! I don’t want you around.

Oddly enough, she had a favorite.
Dalyra: Truth is, I’ll miss you because you’ll cause havoc out there.

Finally, she was alone (with her parents and a very very old cat).
Time to read about fishing.

Afterwards, still without changing from her formalwear, she headed to a bar, intent on finding a male with which to quickly hook up and be done with this “legacy business”.
Dalyra: Let me in, I graduated and shit, I’m cool enough.

That was good enough for the bouncer.
Dalyra: That was easy, didn’t even need to rough him up.

However the bar was completely empty because people in Sunsent Valley are incestuous responsible and don’t get drunk in the afternoon.
Dalyra: Where the heck do you meet people out here?

Barmaid: I heard the park was a place.

The park it was.
Empty at first, so Dalyra collected a dragonfly.

When people still wouldn’t show up, she started playing the guitar. That never fails to attract.
Dalyra: Oh hey Mrs. Jimenez, you should have brought your son…

Jenn showed up too.
However, weather-talk bored her and she had to take care of Socks for Samali.

And then a male showed up.
Dalyra: You! You’re a boy! That means you have a wee wee.

They say first impressions are important, but Caleb (the guy) seems to not care what words came out of Dalyra.

Compliments never fail to flatter women.
So Dalyra leaps on him to confess her newfound love.

It was not shared.
Caleb: What the hell woman? I’m MARRIED!

Dalyra: What the hell you, twit! You said I was hot! That must mean something!
Caleb: Can’t a guy give a compliment without being assaulted? Holy cow.

Dalyra: Whatever, there’s lots of people at the City Hall. There has to be a guy there.

Meanwhile at home, it’s Bobbi’s birthday.
A lonely sad birthday.

Okay maybe she’s excited a little to be an old diva.
Bobbi: I’ll get to blame everything on others! Yay!

She looks less thrilled when she realizes it also means a droopy face.
You’ll get to see her makeover when Dalyra gets home because I am lazy.

Dalyra made it to the City Hall where the new graduates were still standing. Hey Duncan.
Derrick: I wouldn’t mind playing doctor with her hehehe.

Dalyra did not like the comment one bit.
Dalyra: This isn’t up for political debate, I am no piece of meat!

Duncan: This talk of meat is making me hungry.

Once it was settled that Derrick was just joking, Dalyra kindly decided to give him another chance because there is about 5 men in town that are not related except the papparazzi.
Dalyra: You’re quite the rare gem, having no Moonwisp affiliation and all.

Duncan: Wow my sister is trash at flirting.

Then Tam (some cousin) became the center of attention which completely broke the non-existant mood.
Dalyra: Haha, what a loser!

Derrick: Oh no! Poor guy, it must be horrible, how I feel for him.

Duncan: Come on Tam! Eat your vegetables damnit!

Tam passed out. How exciting. How unusual.
Carry on.

Dalyra didn’t like Derrick’s show of compassion and fear.
Dalyra: I bet you don’t like brown either, what a tool you are!

Since she could find no-one that cared for her, Dalyra turned to her last yet best hope.
Dalyra: Uuuuh, hi there Mrs. Jimenez…

Jerald himself invited her inside but since he is now considered a celebrity, Dalyra had to impress him.
Dalyra: Seriously Jerald? You don’t remember me? I owe you my first time.

Jerald: Riiiight. Aren’t you the girl I wanted to see with only a hoodie on?

Yes, Jerald, that’s the girl.
Dalyra: Say, you shine as bright as the sun with a cloud in front…

Many weird flirt attemps later, Jerald seems to like inappropriate flirts as well.
Dalyra: I heard you liked music…

Dalyra: How do you like the sound of our lips smacking eachothers?
Something tells me maybe it’s best if you don’t speak.

Jerald is a man of action, after all.
Vicki: Will you step out of my kitchen? I need to pee.

So they left the kitchen to retreat into the bathroom.
Dalyra: I can see your wee wee, Jerald.

After which she was kicked out because it was late.
Dalyra: …That’s…embarassing.

The poor girl waited outside after putting some clothes back on.
At the first hour of day, Jerald’s father and his buff brother Javier came home -surprisingly sober-.

That is also when Jerald finally poked his head outside.
Dalyra: What the heck J? You didn’t like what I did to you?

Jerald: …I have to go to work.

Like a total creep, she followed him to his work, the firestation to let him know her opinion.
Dalyra: You’re a pushover Jerald! You could just skip work and spend the day with me to make up for last night!

Jerald: But…I’m working on a promotion.

That was not an acceptable answer for Dalyra.
Dalyra: You kicked me out NAKED! You haven’t heard the end of this!

She was quite fed up with how Jerald was treating her so she went out for a breath of fresh air and to buy some plane tickets.
Dalyra: Yeah, men here suck or are related, I need to get out of this dump!

Let’s end it here and keep Dalyra’s fishing trip for next time! With her attitude, that girl might never find a man, but like they say, there’s plenty of fish in the sea (or not).



2 thoughts on “4.0- Plenty of Fish in the Sea

  1. somebodysangel13

    So glad Dalrya was chosen, she’s already a riot. I love her ‘flirting’, so cray cray.

    Ooh, travelling, I love travelling! And a foreign spouse could be fun, maybe introduce some darker colour into the Moonwisp gene pool 🙂

    Liked by 1 person


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