3.13- *Special* The Ultimate Long-Lost Holy Potato Relic Mega Tournament!

Well well well, what have we here? That’s right, an update. It’s also very special.

This special update is an epic challenge so that all of you can get to know all of the D’s better, and after which there will be a heir poll. Mind you, I will keep track of pointage, but the winner of this tournament does not win heirship. That is in your hands.

Some of those challenges were inspired from Gryffindork‘s own tournament, as well as Blam‘s whole blog, which you should check out if you like those kinds of things. Also, mine is very very very long, so I made slideshows to help, but it’s still ridiculously long – make sure you have time to read it if you wish to-. So if you wish to skip this, know that you do not miss anything vital to the real legacy. Also, the heir poll is not at the end of this post, but in a separate post.

So let us start. The challengers to heirship are all here.
Drake: Oh my God, why the heck are we here now?

Duncan: It has grass, I like it.

Dante and Damien started a broship on arrival.
Damien: Bro, I’m hungry.

Dante: Yeah, me too bro.

Daisha is worried about the recent explosion of their home.
Daisha: We’re on our home lot, but our home it gone…Wtf?

For once, Dalyra seems worried.
Dalyra: My piano!!!

Daenerys is probably the only one who knows what’s up.
Daenerys: I just know this can’t be good.

And then there’s this fool.
Daryl: Heir?

No, you can’t be heir. I needed an even number of participants.

Before their eyes lay this scene.
One cubicle for each of them, which would shelter them in the following days.

The contestant each get to their dwelling, recognizable by their favorite color on the door.
To be heir, you must live as a founder.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Drake is the only one to take out his trash instead of setting it down in his tiny home. +1
Drake: +1? Wait, points? What for?

For many things. Such as winning a challenge.
This one being the first one. Whoever lasts the longest wins.

No wasting time!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The big winner is Drake! Woo!


1. Drake: 57.16 seconds. (7 points)
2. Duncan: 56.95 seconds. (6 points)
3. Daisha: 47.43 seconds. (5 points)
4. Daenerys: 37.23 seconds. (4 points)
5. Damien: 24.60 seconds. (3 points)
6. Dalyra: 15.56 seconds. (2 points)
7. Daryl: 13.44 seconds. (1 point)
8. Dante: 11.53 seconds. (0 point)

Next challenge is a water balloon fight. Teams were made according to the ranking of the previous challenge, so Number 1 & 2 together, 3 & 4 and so forth.

It looks something like this.
Rules are simple. Scoring is for the team. You get a point if you hit someone, and if you dodge incoming balloons. You lose a point if you get hit. Missing your opponent does not make you lose a point.

Just as it starts, Dalyra and Dante decide to screw things up and switch sides.
Suit yourselves, it may be for the worse.

May the battle start!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

First round score:

Red Team: 10 (3 points)
White Team: 7 (2 points)
Blue Team: 0 (1 point)
Black Team: -1 (0 point)

To settle the final score, it will be White VS Red, and Black VS Blue.

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High five with elbows!

I know, I suck, I barely took any pictures of the second round…

Final ranking for this challenge:

Red Team: 11 (3 points)
Black Team: 7 (2 points)
Blue Team: 6 (1 point)
White Team: -4 (0 point)

And so it was time for them all to go sleep.
Except for this dumbass…

So yeah, now he’s looking at me like this…
Daryl: What do?

Well somehow he had a book so he spent the night reading the author’s dedication to his grandma.

On the next morning, competitors woke up early for their next exciting day.
Duncan: Good morning, Ser Bowl-A-Lot, have you slept well?

Dante gets lucky and has a space rock land beside his cabin.
He picks it up and places it on his mini-fridge.

Daisha wakes up to find her toilet was switched to an All-in-One Bathroom, for winning the Waterballoon fight.
Daisha: Would have preferred a book about a guy who gets superpowers from eating cake.

Daenerys is a little bit more pleased.
Daenerys: I could have my office in here…

Daryl takes out his trash.
+1 for him.

The contestants all enjoy some free time before the morning challenge.
Damien: As long as there’s icecream.

Daenerys texts  Cole.
Daenerys: “Dad, you made it to heir, how many siblings did you kill?”

Daisha keeps making a mess.
Daisha: Shush, it’s pretty.

She then goes on her lawn to reflect on the hollowness of life.
Daisha: I mean, why even shower?

Drake goes out to realize he won a bush for being first on the Rodeo challenge.
Drake: A bush? I feel ripped off.

This morning, the challenge is the Breaking Block test.
Putting their Martial Arts skill higher, the siblings will break space rocks until fatigued. The monetary value of the gems they get from that will determine who wins.

Get to it!

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Alright fine! So I boosted their Martial Arts skill some more, and had them chop enough Oak Boards to get the Skill Challenge complete, because they don’t get gems from breaking them without it.
While others were finishing off, Damien found a bug on his territory.

It goes at the foot of his bed.
I bet I’d be this happy too if my house looked like that.

Then it was time!
Remember, value of the gems they find is what determines who wins, not how many gems they get.

Alright, don’t screw up this time!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Well too bad. Means you were stuck there if the game reset you.

Here is the final score for the Breaking Block;

1.Daryl: 620$ for 4 stones. ( 7 points)
2.Dalyra: 567$ for 5 stones. (6 points)
3.Duncan: 342$ for 4 stones. (5 points)
4.Dante: 281$ for 5 stones. (4 points)
5.Daenerys: 260$ for 2 stones. (3 points)
6.Damien: 251$ for 3 stones. (2 points)
7.Drake: 231$ for 5 stones. (1 point)
8.Daisha: 151$ for 3 stones. (0 point)

They all go for a rest before the afternoon challenge.
But of course the winner is too dense to find the way to his fridge…

Daenerys texts her father again.
Daenerys: “You mean we really just have one aunt? There was no other?”

Drake takes a nap and dreams about many bushes for his garden.
Or maybe it’s bunnies and murder, who knows.

Duncan is daydreaming about his days as a knight.
Duncan: Ah, Ser Bowl-A-Lot, what a team we make.

Break is over, it’s time for the Ping-Pong Challenge.
Pairs were made in the previous fashion, determined by the previous challenge’s score.

There will be four matches. Losers of each match will move to the lower table, and winners will move up.

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This is the new positioning.
Currently on rank 1 is Dalyra. Drake is rank 8.

Lets see if that changes!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Very epic of her to put it into action as soon as she learnt it.
The new matches for round 3, with Daisha still playing her Eye of the Tiger song.

Everyone is getting more agressive!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Round 3 was boring and short, I know.

Round 4 won’t be!
Daisha came a long way from last rank (while Daryl fell all the way from first…)

Final round. WHO will WIN?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here is the final ranking in case any of you got confused;
1.Daisha (7 points)
2.Duncan (6 points)
3.Drake (5 points)
4.Daenerys (4 points)
5.Damien (3 points)
6.Dalyra (2 points)
7.Dante (1 point)
8.Daryl (0 point)

As rewards for their ranking, everyone gets something per point they made. Which means Daryl gets nothing, Dante gets one thing, Dalyra gets that same thing plus something more, and so forth.
First item is a torch outside.

Dante: You’re kidding me? Guess I’ll keep the door open to at least enjoy it…

Dalyra and everyone above her get wallpaint.
Slowly starting to look like something.

Damien and above get two windows.
Less privacy but some daylight is appreciated.

Daenerys and above get a size upgrade!
The house is now 5×3 instead of 3×3.

Here is what it looks like on the inside.
It’s just more space to move around…Or to grow into.

Drake and above get a BATH!
Something to fill this newfound space.

Duncan and Daisha, the two remainding on the list, get better indoors lights instead of that single neon one.
It looks a lot more cozy already.

Daisha is the greatest winner and gets everything. The top one item is…a chair!
No more sitting on the toilet to eat (or standing in her case)

The contestants settle in their upgraded dwellings.
Note how the windows all align and make it possible to spy on your neighbour.

Daisha enjoys her unique item.
Not very enthusiasticly, but still…

And Daryl, who got nothing, smiles at life and furthers his reading.
Daryl: Prin-ted…in…S…Sun…Set…Sun-Set…

Have fun with that.

In the morning, Drake enjoys his newfound possibility to not stink.
Drake: I could be seen from the windows, it sucks.

After his meal, Dante sets his bowl…in front of Daenerys’s house. Wait a minute, is that…
Dante: Sabotage. It’s sabotage, yes. *grin*

It is time for the next challenge: Sculpting.
Whoever has the most pricy creation wins.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here is the score;

Drake: 49$ (7 points)
Dalyra: 38$ (6 points)
Daisha: 24$ (5 points)
Dante: 20$ (4 points)
Duncan: 18$ (3 points)
Daenerys: 17$ (2 points)
Daryl: 16$ (1 point)
Damien: 10$ (0 point)

Daryl might not be as stupid as he looks, he learns quickly.
Daenerys isn’t even leading!!!

That may change! There is still many challenges until the end. You don’t get the Potato Relic Title that easily.
You have to bowl your way to it!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As usual, here is the score

Daryl: 9 (3 points)
Damien: 9 (3 points)
Duncan: 9 (3 points)
Dalyra: 5 (2 points)
Daisha: 3 (1 point)
Daenerys: 3 (1 point)
Drake: 3 (1 point)
Dante: 1 (0 point)

No definite winner, but there is a definite loser. How sad.
Dante: I’m tired of winning nothing! My shack looks terrible!

Daenerys’s is starting to look like something.
She just won flooring.

So did Drake, scoring as much as her.
Drake: Can I just get a girl already?

Daisha’s place has to still be the most homelike.

Everyone who hit more than 3 pins gets a size upgrade.
Daenerys: Pointless if you have nothing to put it in.

And anyone who scored a 9 gets a better quality bed.
Damien: Oooo, comfy!

Which means Daryl also gets one.
He also got Daenerys’s All-in-One bathroom since he beat her score today in both challenges. And because Daisha has a bath, which is why Damien didn’t get Daenerys’s.

Duncan really is the true winner because he gets the better bed, and since he has enough space, it gets to be a double bed!
Duncan: Ew Ser Bowl-A-Lot, you can’t just let one rip like that!

The tiny houses are no more. Well, except for Dante’s.
Can’t call them cubicles any longer.

Duncan isn’t off to bed yet.
“Geez, people need to learn to recycle.”

Except you threw it in the garbage…that’s not recycling. Still +1 for you.
People suddenly remember there’s points to be had and all fluctuate to try and pick things up…

Which causes Daenerys to give up because she couldn’t access the garbage…
Daenerys: Damn you, Dante.

Still sabotaging, it was probably done on purpose… +1
Dalyra: It’s your fault for talking about recycling, Duncan!

The sun is coming up and they all managed to squeeze in some sleep.
First challenge of the day is a painting one. Monetary value determines who wins.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Also, I somehow didn’t capture all they created. What a disaster.

Anyway, here is the rating for this challenge:
Dante: 36$ (4 points)
Damien: 25$ (3 points)
Dalyra: 14$ (2 points)
Duncan: 13$ (1 point)
Daryl: 13$ (1 point)
Daenerys: 13$ (1 point)
Drake: 12$ (0 point)
Daisha: 12$ (0 point)

I realize you probably all want the total ranking, but that’s a secret until the very end.

Dante gets to keep his painting.
Dante: I FINALLY got first in something.

Well don’t get a big head. There is more coming.

Like an obstacle course challenge.
First, the contestants must walk on hot coal!

Then they get to cool off by sliding down this water slide.
The diving board at the other end was removed because it caused problems.

However, the D’s still have to swim their way through this tight tunnel.
Then they have to run/walk/waddle all the way to their chair.

Whoever sits down first wins.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The ranking:
1.Dante (7 points)
2.Daryl (6 points)
3.Daenerys (5 points)
4.Drake (4 points)
5.Daisha (3 points)
6.Dalyra (2 points)
7.Duncan (1 point)
8.Damien (0 point)

Just like previous challenges, contestants get between 0 to 7 things depending on their points.
Duncan and up get a little roof above the door.

Dalyra and above get a nightstand.
Nothing to put on it though.

Which leads us to Daisha and above to have a plant.
They dont all get the same one, however.

Drake and above get a size upgrade to their homes.
Which for some means they get to have a double bed to fill in the space!

Such as Daenerys, who also gets a Stove & Countertop to add to her place.
It’s becoming something.

Next up is Daryl. He gets a rug.
Except Daryl and decorations don’t match well so he just puts the rug in the corner.

And finally, the great winner, Dante.
He got a bookcase. Might I say his shack looks adorable and is much more filled than it was just one challenge ago.

However, there are still some left.
It’s time to cook!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So it was a disappointment because they all cooked the same quality (except Dalyra)… This will not be counted.
So they were all sent inside to clean, relax and sleep.

Daryl found a use for his rug.
He might as well get rid of his bed.

You have a chair and you prefer the bath!

Damien meditates alongside his glowing bug.
Poor thing has nothing else to do in his rectangle.

The savage competition for the garbage continues.
Dante: Come on Draky…Move out of the way.

+1 for Drake.
Nothing for Dante.

Daenerys snatches the occasion right under Dante’s nose.
+1 for you, lady.

Dalyra thinks of spooking her siblings to put them off the mood of competing.
I wouldn’t choose Drake as a target if I were her.

He might retaliate.
He isn’t scared, just pissed.

Daenerys joins on the warm family exchange.
Daenerys: You’re both stupid.

Somehow Daryl also wanted some love.
Dalyra: YOU are really stupid.

But enough bonding, it is time for the challenge.
A very cruel one.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

That was gross and I am sorry, but they deserved punishment for all cooking equally.

Here is the score:
1. Daisha (7 points)2. Drake (6 points)
3. Dante (5 points)
4. Duncan (4 points)
5. Daenerys (3 points)
6. Damien (2 points)
7. Dalyra (1 point)
8. Daryl (0 point)

So Daisha won a tree.

Well, there is still time in this day for one last challenge. Final challenge of them all.
A Foosball Challenge. With a roof because sunburns are a thing.

Red Table is the winning table, and teams were made with the usual fashion

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So next round is Daisha & Dante VS Daenerys & Damien, to determine who wins.
In the background, Duncan & Drake VS Daryl & Dalyra to know who loses…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This was it for the last challenge! Last ranking before the FINAL ONE!
1. Dante & Daisha (3 points)
2. Damien & Daenerys (2 points)
3. Duncan & Drake (1 point)
4. Dalyra & Daryl (0 point)

Ranked 3s get a sink for their dwellings.
They finally get to wash their hands.

And perhaps clean their dishes.
Drake really needs to.

Rank 2 gets a mirror to add to the sink.
Damien finally gains something that isn’t purely for looks.

And the ranks 1 get the ultimate ever item.

Daisha’s place required lots of thinking and reorganizing so she could have access to everything.
But there, she has it. A mostly functional home where all needs can be filled, but no babies can be made…

Meanwhile, Dalyra has a sorry excuse of a house in which she shouldn’t invite anyone.
Also, since this is the end of the challenge, -3 for the lingering dishes.

Dante’s place is much more filled and looks very cozy.
-3 for the dishes, however.

Daenerys has place to make babies.
-4 for dishes.

And since we talked about Dante’s sabotage…
-3 for the front lawn “ornaments”.

Damien’s place is also quite sad to look at.
Yikes, -6!

Drake’s house isn’t too bad but seafoam is a sad color to have all around.

Back to Daisha’s.
As much as the pineapples fit in the scene, -6.

Duncan’s barely got any upgrades past the doublebed.
-3. Ser Bowl-A-Lot counts in that.

And finally, Daryl.
-4, don’t miss the one on his nightstand.

Which means that, with a final score of 32, Drake is the winner, followed closely behind by Daisha at 30 and Dante at 28.
Drake: So what do I get? Heirship?

No, you get to stand on the podium.

Here is the rest of them, in order.
Damien: I’m still hungry, bro.

Dante: Sorry to hear that, bro.

The FINAL ranking is as follows;
1. Drake = 32
2. Daisha = 30
3. Dante = 28
4. Duncan = 27
5. Daenerys = 24
6. Dalyra = 20
7. Daryl = 15
8. Damien = 11

Drake: So I don’t even get to slap everyone of them?

Daryl: Lol, podium.

Dalyra can’t help but mock him.
Dalyra: So you thought you’d be big king now? Boohoo, poor you.

Daenerys at least gets to sit on some kind of throne.
Daenerys: A gem like me doesn’t deserve to be so low.

Wait, what is Daryl doing?

Oh Lord, no…
Daryl: Head hurt.

Everyone gathered to look at their doom.
Duncan: I do not fear you, giant!

Jenn even showed up for the occasion.
She has probably played enough Sims to know what’s up.

These are starting to get a clue.
Except covering your heads won’t help much.


Daryl is the furthest from the scene.
Daryl: They’ll all regret calling me stupid.

Some won’t live to regret.
Duncan was standing right there…

Grimmy takes no time to show up.
While Daryl, who caused this, starts crying…

Dante got his too.
Looking good. :/

Oh hey, fires starting, meteors falling…
Bobbi: Perfect place to bring a baby, yup.

Daisha the brave immediatly starts putting the fires out.
While everyone panics or cries about Dante.

This is too much for some of them.
This is Trina, Bruce’s second daughter. Why are you still an adult anyway?

Duncan begs for his life.
Bobbi: See Griselda, this is the hardship of life.

This is the last you will see of the Tournament Ground.
It is on that note that the Mega Tournament ends.

I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I did hosting it. I know it was very long, and useless to the legacy. However, it leaves me happy enough whoever gets to be heir now that I’ve played with them all.

This decision remains in your hands, dear readers. By no means is the winner supposed to have a claim on heirship, you may chose whoever you like best (except Daryl, he has no Moonwisp blood).

Happy Simming, and don’t forget to vote on the poll (Next post).

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