4.10- Living in a Fishbowl

Welcome back! It’s been a while because I was trying to fix lag in the game, causing the uncontrolled sims to be TOTALLY useless and boring and DYING if I let it happen. Literally. Happily, that is fixed now (Thanks to you, Samali). However, the E kids and Gan will still be useless and boring for a few more updates because I am terribly late compared to in-game…

Last time, almost everyone aged up, Gan and Elrath kept fighting, kids got bedrooms and someone died in the pool. This time, there will be aliens (No shit Sherlock, there’s two in the house) and more birthdays.

Home from school, Elrath and Edward bonded a little.

Elrath: Who will want to be your friend if they know you’re evil though? Won’t that push them away?

Edward didn’t let Elrath’s words ruin his dreams of being friends with everyone he dominates.

Edward: You won’t have friends either because they’ll know you just want to use them to access the real fame. No offense. You know you’re my favorite brother, right? ❤

Edward was lucky Ethan didn’t hear otherwise he might have troubles befriending both of them.

He was too busy being kidnapped by aliens.

Elika watched, delighted, but left as the lights started in favour of her bed.

Elika: You’ll get preggers.
Ethan: But I’m not ready for kids!

It is unsure wether Elika actually went to bed or rebelled against her own needs to bitch at her dad.

Elika: I know something you don’t.
Gan: Shh, say what? I think I hear a fly speaking. Yup, it’s pretending to be smart.

Mean parents, evil kids. No message gets through because everyone prefers making others suffer.

At least Elvis is successfully learning how to walk. May he run away far from here when he can.

Dalyra also teaches him to defend himself against insults from basically everyone in the house including herself.

Dalyra: So if I were to call you a piece of trash, what would you reply?
Elvis: Baba!
Dalyra: We’ll need to work on this.

When she was done training him, Elvis was put in the playpen just as Cole’s transparency caught Dalyra’s eye.

Dalyra: Eww a ghost. Hey Dad, I’M SO GLAD TO SEE YOU?
Cole: You okay?

Behold the uselessness! Except for Elika doing her homework, which at least keeps her grades to a decent level.

They never made it home until forced to.

This is pretty much the only thing the kids do. Stand around. Do homework.

Also, Ethan’s hair color was changed from dark-puke color to an actual brown. (BECAUSE I CAN’T STAND EA’S GROSS DEFAULT BROWN, OKAY?)

Gan managed to find a bed and Dalyra joined him for some communicating dreams.

Gan: ZzzZz… I know you love fish… zZzzzZ… I caught you one…zZzz…
Dalyra: zzZzzz… Put it in the bath… zZzz…

Elika did NOT find a bed.

She’s starting to get a headache. Devising evil plans on no sleep is no easy task.

Edward and Eve are good friends so he asked her to keep an eye out while he slept.

Eve: If Elika thought staying up to murder Edward was going to work, she got it alllll wrong.

Dalyra got up while it was still dark to go fishing before 6 AM, as per her wish.

Dalyra: Get a room, Duncan!

Yes, it is Duncan that Dalyra can see in the distance, flirting with some girl in front of his house.

Duncan: There is no dragon I wouldn’t kill for you, mylady. Except maybe my two siblings who insist they’re related to dragons…

Elika DID end up sleeping. In the treehouse rather than her bed, but sleep is sleep.

Elika: Hey Mom, did you hear all those cheesy lines uncle Duncan used to try to woo that girl?

Standing around being useless has many downsides, like not making it to the school bus in time.

And then getting scolded by your mother holding a stinky alien child.
Ethan: Hey Mom, I’m late too.

She didn’t catch Ethan since he had just enough time to make it to the bus.

Elrath was then layed of the hook and sent to school because sims are stupid.

Dalyra still savored victory over a grilled cheese.

She was however much happier to have dishes to do. She always rolls the wish to clean dishes. Neurotics…

As a way to make up for dragging his feet to the bus, Elrath helped taking care of Elvis.

Elika: Ew,, but he stinks. Why would you?
Elrath: Well someone has to do it and we’ve all been here.

Edward will go to extreme lenghts to learn stuff about people to befriend them. Study their poop.

Edward: Nothing like alien poop fumes to help me concentrate on my homework.

Gan decided he would spend his evening in the pool.

He is joined by Joyce, the one who let the other lady die without trying to help…

Luckily, Gan is not tired so he should not drown.

The gnomes still massed by the side, in hopes of seeing it happen.

Cole came out (or never went back in) of his urn to check out Dalyra’s relics collection.

Cole: Can this pot be my urn instead?

In the morning, Dalyra made pancakes for everyone.

She however got distracted when she saw what a wonderful hat the pan would be and dropped the pancake on the stove.

Somehow, the house didn’t explode at this tragedy and pancakes were successfully served.

Edward: Doesn’t it smell like burnt hair a little?

Edward soon stopped dissing his mom’s cooking in favor of shoveling down his throat.

Eve: I’m telling you, red is the first color you should apply to your canvas. Always!

While Elika silently disagreed, she preferred retreating to the kitchen to rage about Edward rather than argue with Eve.

Elika: He got all the best pancakes and left me to eat the hairy ones.

Gan and Dalyra exchanged their pancake breaths.

Dalyra also looks so very tanned next to pale Gan.

Edward seeked the stinky potty to do his homework but instead found this.

Edward: Now I know why you stink all the time.

Elrath showed up to rescue his half-brother, while Edward was amused.

Elrath: You couldn’t just help him, could you?
Edward: This is whole new levels of gross. I like it.

Elrath quickly changed stinky Elvis into a clean Elvis.

These two will soon become best buddies.


Daenerys is flirting with her…second…third cousin? Rick is Blake’s son. HE SHOULD BE LONG DEAD.

Dalyra saw that on her way to Samali’s party.

As usual, Samali IS NOT THERE so Dalyra told my simself all about incest. But mainly about her favorite food.

Sally completely ignored her plea to save her own kids from ending up into the grasps of inbreeding.

Sally: Seafood sucks but Carbonara is the best thing ever.

Pool party? Better have a pillow fight!

Going into the pool is so 1840.

Back home, Eve enjoys the sunny day in the shade.

Eve: Stop trying to look up my skirt, you pervert.

Edward chose to not even go outside and stuff himself in a hot dinosaur suit.

Edward: Uh…rawr.

Gan took a nap even though he hardly needed it.

It IS leisure day, after all, so he is forgiven.

Elike might be the only one who did something productive.

Elika: She died because she loved someone too much. *Overemotional*

Dalyra came back home when night was falling, giving her just enough time to care for the garden.

Cole’s potato plants are starting to wilt after so much age.

Edward isn’t the only one with an overly hot suit on this hot day.

Ethan: You got the mushrooms I asked for?
Edward: What? I don’t sell drugs.
Ethan: The ones from the fridge… For cooking.

The eldest of the E’s then retreated to his den to clean the mushrooms.

He then put them in a safe spot for later use.

Elrath has a broken sleep schedule and slept throughout the whole day.

He just woke up to some of Jenn’s birthday cake, upset that there is barely ever anything else to eat.

He’ll be upset for a while because there is still some cake, and Elika is forking over some more on this day.

Elika: Why not grab some fresh cake instead, Eve?

Eve promptly agreed to he half-sister’s offer.

Eve: Holy cow, fresh cake incoming!

Gan was super excited too until he saw how his offspring turned out.

Gan: What kind of demon is this?

Elika eventually morphed into a more suited shape, but Gan was still displeased.

Gan: I did not raise you like this. Why can’t you dress like a proper lady?

Elika, rocking the emo look, rolled Savvy Sculptor.

Elika: Whatever Dad, arts will rule the world soon, and you’ll have a whole new definition of proper.

Gan did not want to give up on his daughter so easily.

Gan: But you’ll never be able to get a job dressed like that.

This conversation quickly bored her out of her mind.

Elika: You don’t have much of a job either, trying to read people’s future, and you don’t see me hounding you about it.

While Gan shut up bitterly, Dalyra came to ask the most important question ever.

Dalyra: Has your dad totally repulsed you from his kind or do you still want to take your chances?

Elika: Bah, it’s not like you chose the best specimen. I can find better.

She has not given up on men.

The other kids eventually came back from school.

Ethan: Soooo, what’s up?
Elrath: Elika is now a moody teen.

Then Eve showed up and sucked up to Ethan.

Eve: You’re the boy in the crypt? Can I live with you?
Ethan: Ugh no. I got enough company as it is.

Elika didn’t have time to meet Ethan on equal teen footing and renew her dead-threat, she had to learn how to drive.

Dalyra: That’s a pretty awesome drift, you’re getting better.

Safe either way, Ethan went back to his secret activities.

He ate the mushrooms Edward provided him.

So much for them being regular cooking mushrooms.

Ethan: Crushed chanterelle feels so funny on the tongue.

It’s probably all in his head. Living in a dark basement has that effect on people.

Ethan: Oh yes, I am the Headless Horseman once again, go forth horsy!

As quickly as it started, his perfectly fine mushroom-induced psychosis ended.

Ethan:  This all follows a logical series of steps.

Elrath however went outside to take care of his youngest sibling.

This task now appears to be his and fits in his schedule perfectly.

Just as he was done, it was time for the twins-not-twins birthday.

Edward: Did I tell you you’re my favorite half-sister?
Eve: I’m the only one you got, but happy birthday to you too.

Edward sparkled with most of his family cheering for him. Dalyra had other ideas.

Dalyra: Wow, the bellpepper plant is now of great quality. Awesome. Nothing could be more interesting than watching it grow right now.

Eve still aged up first and rolled Born Saleswoman. She was not really born one, but okay.

Gan is also very pleased that he at least has one daughter that is proper and well-behaved.

Before Edward could even sit down with his cake, Elrath released his excitement onto the floor.

Elrath: No-one can know of this.

Edward rolled Rebellious, and is a little bit pudgy.

Edward: Since you like business, and I very much care about my friend’s happiness, you could be my top taskmaster once I rule the world.

Gan and Elika continue to have a wonderful father-daughter relationship.

Gan: I just wish you’d stop being a stupid squid and work on your future.

Edward wandered to a corner to obsess over aliens, as he always does.

Edward: With Eve and Elvis, I’ll be able to get friendly with space aliens and rule the world with their help.

Unaware that the space aliens would probably want to impregnate him ten thousand times in return, he started befriending Elvis early.

Edward: To better understand alien thinking, I need to peer into his head.

He mainly got info on how to potty. It appears not only aliens can probe.

Elvis: Dafuq…just happened?

So what will happen next? Will Ethan go into field of mushroom? Will Edward get an alien army yet? I don’t know, because I don’t remember!


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