4.11- Like Fish in Water

I’m trying to push out the heir poll before the end of summer so I can maybe get to the NEXT poll too. This is an alphabetcy and it’s taking awefully long since I barely play during the school year. It’s now or never!

Except Gan is still not moving his butt.

Being an unsuccessful Mystic is such a hard life.

Elika is being more productive by using her sketching table.

Elika: Now if he tells me to work on my future once more, I’ll choke him with this drawing.

Dalyra risked the dampness of the crypt to spend a little time with her eldest.

Dalyra: Who would you wiggle your butt for?

Ethan wondered if she was affected by mushroom dust, but he didn’t dare ask in case he’d get in trouble.

Ethan: Pretty sure you asked this before, and the answer is still the same.

People don’t just change preferences over a few days, Dalyra…

Suprisingly enough, Ethan picked up Bobbi’s love for long-shaped objects.

She would be so proud of you.

Eve was not kidding when she said red is the first color to put on a canvas.

Mayhaps Edward’s evil side is rubbing off on her inspiration a little bit.

So Dalyra went to question her about her intentions.

Dalyra: I don’t even know how aliens work, but what humans do you want to abduct?

Eve: I will abduct any Ed wants me to, but I might keep a hunky specimen for myself on the side.

Whatever straight means for alien.

Dalyra then went to her youngest son to make things clear.

Dalyra: You keep rolling alien wishes but you know you can’t marry your half-sister, right?

Edward: Mom, she’s my business partner, relax. That’s not the job I’ll give to my concubine.

Concubine is usually female, right?

Edward then proceeded to stand there forever as is the trend these days in the Moonwisp house.

Dalyra: Can you say “standing there like a dummy”?
Elvis: Dummy heehee!
Edward: Mom ? I thought we were friends!

By the time Elvis knew the whole dictionnary by heart, Edward was still at it. Elika tried to shake him out of it.

Elika: My name is Edward, I’m becoming one with the rug. That’s my plan to take over the world.

She abused the fact that her brother was slow to respond.

Elika: No-one likes you! They’re all pretending because they think you’ll smite them. You have no friends!

Edward can endure many things, but not an attack to his Friendly trait.

Edward: I have tons of real friends, you don’t have a single one except Mom! And Dad is disappointed in you.
Elika: Except I don’t give a damn.

With steam coming out of his ears, Edward went to his safe haven to wind down. Ah, alien poop truly is full of wonders.

Edward: I’ll show her. She won’t laugh when my alien army sucks her brainpower out.

Elrath is probably the safest family member -apart from Ethan-, who only picks fights with Gan.

Elrath: Let’s see my schedule here. Practice signing autographs at 4pm. Accuse Dad of being a diva at 5pm and then call him a fake mystic. Then supper.

Gan eventually realized he could do things and that he had an alien son.

Gan: Who likes some tickles? You? What’s wrong with you?

Gan promptly set him on the ground and the duty of putting Elvis to bed came back to Elika.

Elika: If Edward thinks I can’t play this game.
Elvis: *Not really happy about Elika touching him*

Early the next morning, that little alien worm is finally aging up.

Edward popped many veins in his body cheering for him as hard as he could.

The rest of the family was all there too. Except for Ethan, as usual.

No sparkle shot because seriously, they’re all the same.

Elvis rolled Vegetarian.

Elvis: I refuse to eat meat in case it’s a cooked alien instead of beef.

He will however happily slam a car into pixelated humans.

Elvis: That’s what you get for maybe eating alien flesh!

Edward was worried about Elvis’s new choices in life so he talked to Eve about it.

Edward: You’re not worried about eating aliens in your plate?
Eve: Nope. Using aliens would be bad business. It would be dangerous and complicated. So logicly speaking, we’re not being served alien meat.

While Eve was explaining the rules of good meat business, Dalyra went fishing.

Dalyra: I wonder if I can convince Elvis that fish is just another kind of tofu…

Her thoughts quickly trailed away on happier subjects when she caught a rainbow trout.

She keeps breaking her own records in sizes of fish caught.

But no matter how many she catches, she always looks at it with the same delight.

Dalyra: And I still got it!

Ethan is mostly quiet these days, except for when he accuses Lucky of being stupid.

Ethan: How would you know anything? You’re not even real!

Lucky is far too reasonable to be a part of Ethan’s mind, because she never picks up to his provocations.

Lucky: Whoa there! I might not be real but you still talk to me…

Edward also started talking to people that aren’t completely real. Or alive.

Edward: Superman would never be able to stop me. Because you don’t stop a friend from going for their dreams. See I thought about it all.

He even poured a hot bath for Elvis to relax in.

What a life, when you don’t even have to pour your own bath.

Once she was back home, Dalyra had to repair a broken computer.

Edward also put a prank on it, but how it didn’t crash when the computer broke is a mystery.

After she was done she went right back to fishing, though she chose the pond this time to avoid travelling all around town all the time.

Ethan: Hey Mom. Going to school. Don’t scold me please.
Dalyra: Isn’t it a bit hot for your snow suit?
Ethan: What snow suit?

Dalyra could not understand her son’s logic, so she tried to increase her skill, but the chessboard did not hold the answer.

Dalyra: I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. None of those chumps wear snow suits. Who designed this crap?

She might not understand her son’s thinking, but she still has to show up for his birthday.

Ethan: Oh great, gnomes found their way here. Can’t ever have some alone time, can I?

Cole came out of his urn to celebrate as well.

Ethan is very happy to become an adult, even though his life promises to stay about the same for a while.

He rolled Brave. How exciting. This is his formalwear, depicting mushrooms.

He has a perfectly fine chair in his own place but he insisted on eating his cake outside.

Dalyra wasn’t hungry so she picked a flower and smelled it.

Dalyra: Have to cleanse my nose from the fragrance of death down there.

Ethan is right back into his death-smelling pit to realize Lucky also became a young adult.

Ethan: Why won’t you go away?
Lucky: Because I’m stuck here. Make me real already.

Dalyra was back inside as if nothing happened just before Gan got up.

Gan: Ah, my lovely bitch wife, practicing chess every morning until I get up. Adorable.

Dalyra rolled her eyes at how oblivious he is to his surroundings and decided to give alchemy a try.

The main reason being that Gan will need it for his LTW and someone’s going to have to teach him.

Back from school, Elika and Edward both contemplate their evil plans.

Edward: I hope I get to wear a mask. They look so cool.
Eve: *secretly just wants to go to prom and live a teenage dream*

Still thinking about super buff guys, Elika gets encouragement from her mom. 

Dalyra: Your Dad sucks. You can paint all your life if you want. No-one should prevent you from failing at life.

Except Dalyra is failing right now, not Elika.

Dalyra: Hey what a nice lookig wall. Wait, why is my foot wet? Ah, shit.

Gan is still proving to be Dad of the year by making all his kids hate him.

Edward: Gee Dad. It’s okay, we can still be friends.

Ethan is having slight problems adjusting to grown up life.

Ethan: There’s a gnome blocking the way, and my genius brain can’t figure out a way around it.

Some guy came back home with the teens, so Dalyra gave him special treatment.

Dalyra: Just who the fuck are YOU?

Totally ignoring the fact that he IS at her place, he chose to be rude in response.

Dude: None of your business unless I successfully bang your daughter.

Reminded of how Jerald used to talk about her, Dalyra would not let someone do the same to Elika and just walk away.

Dalyra: The only bang you’re going to get is when I grab your head and bump it on the wall. Then you’ll look like your ugly sister.
Dude: That’s just low.

The poor teen could not compete with Dalyra so he fell into silence.

Dalyra: Also, your Mom is a llama. Maybe you should go for someone your own species.

Edward is happily listening in on the chaotic exchange while doing homework with someone not of his species.

Eve: Why is your mother so over-protective?
Edward: No clue but it’s awesome.

Elrath soon joined them for a quickly done homework, while Elvis played with his IF in a corner.

Elrath: It’s best she keeps the paparazzi away from me. I’m too much for them to handle.

After homework, Eve finished her painting.

Eve: There, all neatly organized.

She then had a rebellious moment and went to kick a gnome.

Edward must be rubbing off on her.

Gan is defenitely playing favorites because he immediately went out to cheer at the fallen over gnome.

Gan: It was a perfect kick in the face <3.

Her rampage never ends! She stomped on that poor fellow.

Eve: Take that, you ugly bauble. How dare you not follow the laws of art?

The only safe gnome was the one that chose to live with Ethan.

Ethan: Does Mister Gnome want some lettuce and vinaigrette, perhaps?

Ethan fails to be a proper host, and a proper cook.

Ethan: Here, microwave, cook this. Well go on, pick it up already.

In other news, Samali had a new romantic interest.

Rick is better off with her than with Daenerys. Not incestuous is always better.

I leave you with this awesome life lesson that we are all aware of. Next time, there is a costume party and a  very special birthday! And other stuff.

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    1. Voguishstorm Post author

      Hahaha, that might happen given how insane he is.
      Also, not sure if my wordpress is stupid, but I believe you might have missed the last chapter x) Not that much happened though haha



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