4.4- That Slippery Fish

Hey there pretty. You know I like when you come here. Dalyra probably doesn’t. Because she’s a b*tch. Anywho, last time, she got tired of Ethan having unclear fathership, so she fled reality.

To China, as she likes to do.

Because China is soooo unreal.

What is unreal is how slob the other travelers are.

Dalyra: Look at this! Unbelievable! And I’m left to clean it all on my own. Rats.

Once realizing it was not her responsability either, Dalyra found a new adventure, and met Damien on the way there.

Damien: Can’t ever be really away from family, can I?

Dalyra: I was trying to get away from people, piss off.

Dalyra headed to the Dragon’s Maw.

In search of underwear someone forgot in there.

It did not thrill Dalyra more than needed, but she did want to get her visa up.

Dalyra: What’s special about those underpants, though?

Many adventure stuff later, she found it in a hole in the ground.

Dalyra: What the hell is wrong with people? No wonder why I prefer fish.

She quickly returned to the owner of said underpants for a reward.

Dalyra: Stupid cow, I better get something out of this.

Underwearless woman: Ah yes, your visa is now level 2!

Though she reached her goal, Dalyra still ventured around in search of relics.

Dalyra: Wow, archeologists are bad, this thing is not even hidden!

Later she found a nice spot for fishing.

China really is great.

Gan had been busy all day and could not show up whenever Dalyra called.

However he was seen walking around half-naked, not busy much.

So next morning, Dalyra told him she would kill him if he didn’t come. He rearranged his work schedule to make it work.

Dalyra: Haha, okay, I’ll pose for you. Then you’ll get a promotion and you can be rich.

So he left, unhappy.

Dalyra: Wtf is wrong with you Gan? You used to autonomously interact with me and stuff.

Naturally, as any non-creepy fiancée would do, Dalyra waited for him at his place.

Dalyra: Hi Cui? Yeah, your stupid husband is here. Have you seen mine?

It wasn’t long until he showed up. Though he didn’t like being followed, he didn’t kick Dalyra out.

Dalyra: He’s here.  He won’t be running for long now!

Despite Gan being a dick, Dalyra figured she’d just enjoy what little time she had with him.

Dalyra: Gotta take a picture to prove you exist to my family.

With those crazy constant work hours, Gan however quickly had to take care of his needs to avoid wetting himself. Dalyra took the occasion to know her mother-in-all a bit better.

Dalyra: Your son, he’s one slippery fish!

Ru was quite happy someone had an interest in her son.

Ru: He could never sit still in school, that’s for sure.

Apparently Ru too had needs to take care of, so Dalyra looked in her books to get educated on slippery fish.

Dalyra: Ah, here it is…”Is commonly called Gan and wears a stupid hat”

As soon as Ru flushed the toilet, Dalyra attacked her savagely before she could even wash her hands.

Dalyra: Despite the room still smelling like poo, I’d like to know, is it okay if I marry your son and take him away from here forever?

Ru gave Dalyra her blessing, which overthrilled Dalyra.

Ru: He’s useless here anyway, and no other girl likes him because he’s mean.

Dalyra: Are you kidding? That’s his best quality!

Dalyra quickly went to tell Gan, who was done scrubbing everything there was to scrub.

Dalyra: Your mom is excited about our proximity.

Gan: Oh? Should we defile her bed again?

Dalyra could hardly say no, but since Ru did just give her her blessing, she opted for defiling the shower instead.

Poor Ru.

That evening, Dalyra went home satisfied with her time with her future husband, and went on for more adventures.

Sir McFluff: Make way, human. I must adventure too.

Dethroned by a cat, Dalyra instead went to buy some books about the native fish.

JollyJumper: Holy, you just passed me lady. Stay in line!

After being shamed by all the animals in China, Dalyra felt like hiding.

Dalyra: This is ridiculous. China sucks too now. Better go back home.

That is it for now. I know this update is short but it was a better cut to end it when her trip is over. Next time, she’s back home with Ethan and her parents and it will time to bring Gan in the picture.

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